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Stop It Now helpline

Due to high demand, unfortunately we can’t reply straight away and aim to respond within 5 working days. If you need urgent support:

Please do not include any identifying information such as name, address or phone number if you want to remain anonymous.

How to send us a message
This form uses encryption to make sure that only you and our helpline staff can read what you send. This is more secure than sending a standard email.
After sending your message you will receive a reply sent to an email address provided by you. if you would like to remain anonymous ensure you do not give any identifying information. With please do not include identifying information.

Please note that we are not a reporting organisation so please do not give us identifying details of an individual or ask us to report an offence. If you wish to report a person, an offence, a website or illegal images, then please contact one of the following organisations:

The police - if you suspect someone is sexually abusing a child.
Crimestoppers - an independent charity where you can anonymously report any crime, including child sexual abuse.
CEOP - to report someone’s online sexual behaviour with a child.
Internet Watch Foundation - to report online sexual images of children.
NSPCC - if you are worried about any type of abuse against a child you can report and get information and advice.

Please write your message in the space provided below – if you would like to remain anonymous ensure you do not give any identifying information.

In order for us to provide you with the best advice possible, please consider including the following when writing your message:

  • What your situation is or what has made you write to us.

  • Whether you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

  • If relevant, the type of offence or behaviour that you or someone else has engaged in and whether there is police involvement.

  • The type of support you wish to receive.

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